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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

that chewing gum life

Random post? Yes. Necessary post? Yes.

Gum. We all chew it and have our favourite flavour and brand, mine being extra. But how much do we spend on it? Those 60ps you spend on small packets on gums every other day add up! My tip - don't buy gum from newsagents or train stations, they're a rip off! Instead you can purchase 3 packets of gum in a mulitpack for £1 from poundland, wilkinsons and superdrug. That way you always have a stock of gum and it costs you way cheaper! 

So yes chew gum. Yes get rid of that stinky breath. But do it at a fraction of the price.



  1. I love extra and the Wrigley gum! And you are so right their are just 7 in the Wrigley gum now. When they used to be 10 in it! Haha, frustrating! Good post! If you have fivemin to spare do check out my blog :)

    Rebecca | Blog

  2. I work as a teacher and never pay for my chewing gum (or pens for that matter) because I just confiscate packets from the kids and say "Come back at the end of the day and get it" - they never do and then it's mine.